Remove Mould Quickly With A Fogging Machine

Nobody likes mould; it’s dirty and smelly. But that’s not the worst thing about it. If you spend all your time surrounded by mould, you will come to find that it can have some rather severe impacts on your health.

Breathing in mould all the time can cause your lungs to get weaker. Your immune system too, this can cause all sorts of problems, including getting sick more often, and even breathing problems.

If you ever find that your home has any mould in it, it’s super important that you tackle it immediately, particularly if the mould is black.

How Mould Grows

In order to grow, mould will need four things.

  • Areas prone to moisture are far more likely to get mould.
  • Mould is a living thing, and therefore it cannot survive without oxygen.
  • The right temperature. Between 21 and 24 degrees celsius is the ideal temperature zone for mould.
  • Organic Material. Anything that was once alive but isn’t anymore. This could be wood, food, leather, or anything else of that nature.

So long as your mould has all four of these things, it won’t have much trouble growing.

Where Mould Grows

There are certain places where mould is more likely to grow. In a lot of older houses, because the insulation isn’t very good, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is going to be so different, that it will create the ideal conditions for condensation to form.

The moisture is an excellent food for encouraging mould to grow.

Also, older homes tend to be made of wood, a material which is more prone to growing mould.

Leaving food lying around is also an effective way of encouraging more mould to grow. The bacteria will grow on the old food, which can quickly spread to the rest of the room.

Fogging Machine

If you do find that your home has become infested with mould, contact us at Mamba Mould and we can assess the mould, the cause of the mould and provide a recommendation on treatment. We also give recommendations on prevention of the mould returning.

The machine we use is a Fogging machine, it uses fog to target mould; using this machine is super easy, and incredibly effective. Within a matter of minutes, you can destroy any mould that you have.

Using fog is better than a spray. When you use a spray, the solution only hits certain areas. But when you use this machine, the solution is dispersed, allowing it to kill more mould.

It works through a nozzle that produces a cold mist, and it doesn’t create exhaust gasses or make much noise.

The fogging machine uses tea tree oil, which is designed to kill mould, without damaging your walls in the same way that bleach would. It’s made of tea tree oil, so it’s natural and safe for your family and the environment.

Once the Mould is Gone

Once the room has been cleaned of all mould, you’ll be able to use it again. You won’t need to worry about breathing in any of the nasty mould that may have been causing health issues.

That room will now be safe for you and your family to eat, sleep and relax in.

But in the future, make sure to be careful about allowing mould to grow back. Clean it regularly, and make sure it’s kept well ventilated.