As a family owned and operated business, Mamba Mould Removal PTY LTD strives to ensure our customers’ homes and premises are free from harmful mould and bacteria. Our process involves detection, removal & prevention measures if required. Providing a detailed report and thorough testing of all infected areas, you can rest assured that Mamba Mould Removal will have your home or business mould free in no time at all.

Usually caused by poor ventilation or dampness, the presence of fungi (mould) can reproduce by making spores and spreading across many areas. Controlling the source of moisture, which is fundamental to its growth, is the solution to eliminating it. Mould & bacteria can cause nasal congestion and respiratory infections. It can also trigger asthma and other allergic conditions and as such should be attended to as soon as there are signs of it.

As mould is not always easy to recognise as it can appear as stains or discolouration, our free inspections and mould testing can detect if these symptoms are indeed mould or bacteria growing on your surfaces and content. Our treatments include fogging, decontamination and where necessary ventilation systems or structural drying. If you suspect mould growing on your premises, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection and quote to rid your home of harmful bacteria and fungi.



  • It was for our rental property, Sourced from our realestate agent, mamba took care of the appointments fitting into the tenants schedule etc and the tenants were very happy. Super friendly business.

    Sooki Sookpan

  • Great professional job! Very efficient and good value.


  • They took extra time to explain all my mould issues, and causes. they didn’t try to sell me any dehumidifiers as the were not required, the place is spotless now absolute professionals.


  • Five star for Mamba’s Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    ShireHunter Jnr

  • I chose to go with Mamba Mould Removal after reading all the positive reviews left by others. We could not be happier with the exceptional service and end result. It was quoted and all cleaned and defects fixed and a new bathroom fan within 3 days of calling them. I couldn’t recommend them enough! Extremely professional and polite he explained everything to me and answered all my questions.Highly recommend.

    Cheryl R

  • We own a shop and We had a small but urgent job, they worked with us and had it quoted and completed within 2 Days. I can’t recommend them enough, they know everything about mould and the cause and diagnosed the cause and fixed it, explained every aspect of the work. I couldn’t be happier.Professional, Polite, and did everything they said from the booking to the job and working after hours to get it completed fast.I Can’t recommend Mamba Mould Removal Enough, they treat there customers as we treat our customers professionally and curiously, going out of there way to ensure our request for urgency was carried out.Thanks Guys

    Craig S

  • Mamba Mould Removal were fantastic, they fitted into my schedule, arrived on time, diagnosed the cause, during there free inspection, arranged there electrician to install a high flow exhaust fan in the bathroom.Removed all the mould in the unit, fogged the unit and even removed the mould on our shoes and jacket I thought I had to throw out.I strongly recommend Mamba Mould Removal if you have a mould issue or want to know why it’s forming in a particular area. Mould has really affected our health and now we have a mould free unit it’s fantastic.Thanks for all your advice and one stop help.

    Thanatorn J

  • Professional, quick and thorough.We have had 8 trades (2 builders, 2 roofers, 2 plumbers, handy man, another mould company) come into our rental to try and find the source of the mould. Peter come in and found it straight away! Within 48 hours he came in and fogged our house and has issued a thorough report to the Agent/landlord on how to Thank you Peter.

    Jade S